The Permission Dialog is the first message that your website visitors see before subscribing for Website Push Notifications. As in many cases, the first impression is important, so the content of this dialog should be kept short and informative. 

There are 6 components to this Permission Dialog:

  1. On the left side, we the logo of your website. This is the same image as the uploaded when creating a website.
  2. The title, in bold, by default contains the name of your website and a message informing the reader about the purpose of this dialog.
  3. Under the title we have a short sentence, to let the user know that they can unsubscribe from push notifications.
  4. On the bottom-left the "Powered by Push Monkey" image is present. This can be hidden when purchasing a payed plan.
  5. The "Don't Allow" button hides this dialog and prevents it from appearing again.
  6. The "Allow" button hides this dialog and shows the native browser permission prompt, which is mandatory and enforced by browsers due to security reasons.

Customise the Permission Dialog

Your website will most likely have a personal brand voice or specific language and the default content of the Permission Dialog might not suit your needs. No worries! You can customise all the content.

To change the title, message and the 2 buttons, please go to your Dashboard on and click the General Settings menu item in the navigation on the left. This page contains quite a few settings, so please scroll down to "Custom Permission Dialog". Here is where you will find the corresponding input fields. Don't forget to click on "Save" after you have made the desired changes.

Hide Branding

As previously mentioned, the Push Monkey logo can be removed once you have chosen one of our payed plans. 

Final Note

The Custom Permission Dialog can be disabled altogether if your website has HTTPS settings properly configured. Read more about this here.

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