Important: FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) was previously called GCM (Google Cloud Messaging). Since the implementation of FCM, the process itself has been simplified.

What is an FCM key and why do I need one?

Chrome recommends you to sign up with your Google credentials for a free FCM account in order to send push notifications. It is not a strict necessity that you have your own FCM account, but we recommend that you do.

Here's why: 

Push Monkey provides an option to export your subscriber list to a different platform. But that cannot happen if you do not have your own FCM keys. However, you will still be able to send notifications with Push Monkey without any difficulty. If you want the convenience of moving or exporting your subscriber base, whenever you wish, you are advised to create your own FCM account.

If you don’t create your own FCM key, Push Monkey uses its own Google API key (Server key). However, this situation has its own limitations. If you create your FCM key after gaining a few subscribers, then you can export only those subscribers that you collected with your own FCM keys.

Another important note here is that currently, you can add as many subscribers and push notifications on a single FCM key; Google has not specified any constraints. But in the future, Google just might limit these numbers. And if this happens, you’ll have to share the limit with Push Monkey's subscriber base.

Therefore, you are strongly advised to create your own FCM account, and add the FCM Project  ID and FCM API key to your push notifications account.

How to set up your own FCM key:

  1. Log in with your Google Account: Open and log in  using your Google account:

2. Click on Add Project to give your project a name (website name recommended), then click on Create Project.

3. Your project should now appear in the list of projects. Click on your project name to access the dashboard.
4. On the dashboard, click on the Settings icon on the left side panel.
5. Then click on Project Settings.

6. You’ll be taken to the settings page as shown in the picture below. Click on ‘Cloud Messaging’. Copy the Server key & the Sender ID and leave this tab open.
7. Go to your Push Monkey Dashboard and click on General Settings -> FCM/GCM Keys from the menu on the left. Paste your Server key & Sender ID as shown below.

8. Click on Save, you should get a success message afterwards.

Note: It's important that you follow these directions carefully. If you enter the wrong Sender ID or Server key, your push notifications will not be delivered and you'll not be able to export your subscriber list.

Note: To know more on where to paste your FCM keys inside your Push Monkey dashboard, click here.

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