View 'Athlete Schedule' through clicking the 'Schedule' tab. This displays a monthly calendar  of all scheduled and completed events for the selected Athlete. By default the calendar will display the current month. The User can go forwards or backwards a month by clicking the arrows next to the month name, or they can click on the month name to access the date selection dialog to select a desired date. The User can also choose to view a weekly view of the current week by selecting it from the dropdown menu at the top right hand side of the calendar.

All scheduled and completed sessions for the selected Athlete appear in the calendar, regardless of how a session was scheduled (on its own or as part of a program). Train Mode sessions or Tests performed through the VBT mobile app are also shown in calendar. Both of these will be displayed looking like a pre-scheduled session with either the name 'Train Mode' or the Test name (e.g. '1RM Back Squat')

If a session has been been fully completed it will display a green check mark on the session card, if not fully completed an empty circle will be displayed.

Clicking on a session in the calendar will open a dialog with session details. If the session was completed and contained a resistance training component in it then there will be a button at the top right hand side of the dialog labelled 'View Session Data'. Click this to view a detailed session breakdown in the 'Session Data' tab graph.

Editing Events

  • Reschedule a session by dragging and dropping it onto a new day in the calendar. The User can only reschedule events that have not been completed.

  • Delete an event by right clicking on it and selecting 'Remove'. The User can only delete events that have not been completed.

  • Edit - NOT CURRENTLY SUPPORTED! The User can only change a scheduled event by removing it and re-scheduling the updated event from the builder page.

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