View detailed rep metrics for a workout session in this tab. The User can select the session they want to view from the weekly calendar, or by opening the details dialog for a session on the 'Schedule' tab calendar then clicking the 'View Session Details' button on the dialog.

Deleting Reps and Sets

The User can delete a rep or set from a Session by clicking on a given data point bar for any rep. This then provides the option to select 'Remove Rep' or 'Remove Set' from the popup window that appears. Removing a rep will delete that individual rep. Removing a set will delete all reps in that set and it will become an empty set (a set with 0 reps). If the User removes a rep or set that was their (or their Athlete's) current record in any metric (e.g. the set with the highest load lifted for an exercise) it will remove that record and set the record to the previous best value (if there was one).

Manual Data

Manually performed sets (Athlete marked a set as 'Done' in the VBT mobile app but did not use a PUSH band for data collection) are displayed as rows of data instead of a graph. The User will only be able to see number of reps performed, load, and the rest time taken after the set.

Editing Sets

The User can only edit manually performed sets. To edit the User must click on the pencil icon to the right of the set information row to open the dialog for editing the number of reps or load done for a set.

The User CANNOT edit sets done with a PUSH band (they can only delete reps or sets done with a PUSH band).

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