The Athletes Page lists all Athletes and Coaches for the currently selected Team. From this page the User can manage what Athletes are on their Teams, as well as view/edit Athlete information. The User can also view/edit Coach profiles but cannot add/remove Coaches from Teams here. To do this the User must access the 'Assistant Coaches' dialog in 'Account Settings' to manage what Teams the Coaches are on.

The Athletes Page displays how many days ago a User Profile was updated, and how many days ago their last session was. In this case 'Session' means a Resistance Training component - a session consisting of only Warm Up, Speed, and/or Cool Down components would not be registered in this display.

The Athletes Page searches backwards for up to 30 days, if the last session performed was older than that the display will show "30+ days ago". If an Athlete has never done a session then 'Last Session' will display "--".

When using the Search field on the Athletes Page to filter Athletes by name it will ONLY apply to the Athletes table. The Coaches table will not be filtered.

Selecting Athletes

The User can select Athletes from the list by clicking on the Athlete's individual row. Multiple Athletes can be selected by holding down 'Shift' on the keyboard and selecting the desired Athletes. Athlete selection can be cleared by clicking the Search field.

Once at least one Athlete is selected the Athlete-specific actions will appear at the top of the page. You can also right click on any Athlete to open a right click menu with Athlete-specific actions. The actions displayed depend on whether a single Athlete or multiple Athletes have been selected, and whether the User has selected a Coach or an Athlete.

Getting to Athlete Dashboard

Once an Athlete is selected, click their row again to go to their individual Athlete Dashboard, or right click their row and select 'View'.

Managing Teams

Assigning Athletes

The User can see and modify what Teams the Athletes are on currently on by clicking 'Assign to Team', as long as a single Athlete has been selected. The dialog that opens will automatically select all the Teams available, whether that particular Athlete is currently on them or not. To edit, the User must select all Teams they want the Athlete to be on, and de-select all Teams that they do not want the Athlete on. The User must then Click 'Save' to update the Team(s).

If a User wants to remove an Athlete from all Teams (Note: this means the User will no longer be linked as the Athlete's coach, and will not have access to any of this Athlete's data) then the User should use the 'Remove' action instead.

When multiple Athletes are selected, the 'Assign to Team' dialog is used for adding or moving all the selected Athletes to other teams. When the dialog opens it will list all the Users' Teams as de-selected except for the current Team. The User can add all selected Athletes to other Teams by selecting those Teams and saving. If the User wants to move all selected Athletes to another Team they must choose 'Assign to Team', de-select the current team, and then select the Team they want to move them to and save.

VITAL NOTE: Vital accounts CANNOT use the Assign to Team dialog. Moving Athletes around Teams this way will remove all tags assigned to the Athletes and

they will no longer appear on the Vital iPad.

Adding Athletes

Athletes can be added to a User's team in four ways:

1. Invite
(click the 'Add Athletes' icon then select 'Invite')

This option sends an invite email to an existing Push account. When inviting an Athlete, the User must wait for them to accept the invitation before they are added to the User's Team. All pending invitations are displayed on the dialog that appears when clicking Add Athletes > Invite. The User can cancel any pending invitation from the Invite dialog by deleting it, as long as the invitee has not already accepted the invite.

Invitation emails are sent in the same language the User is viewing Portal in (e.g. if the browser is set to Spanish, and Push currently supports Spanish, then the invitation email will be in Spanish).

2. Create New User
(Click the 'Add Athletes' icon then select 'Add New')

This option creates a brand new Push account. The new account is then automatically included on the User's team.

3. Create Multiple Athletes from Imported CSV
(Click the 'Add Athletes' icon then select 'CSV Import)

This option is best for creating multiple brand new Push accounts at once. See 'Bulk CSV Import' section below for more information.

4. Add to Team

This option assigns an athlete to another team by using the 'Assign to Team' action. See the 'Assigning Athletes' section above for more information.

Removing Athletes

A User can remove Athletes by selecting them in the Athletes table and clicking the 'Remove action'. A confirmation dialog will ask the User to confirm they want to remove the selected Athletes from their team. The User must then click 'Remove' to delete the Athlete(s). This will not delete the Athlete's data or affect the Athlete's accounts in any way. It will however remove the Athletes from the User's team, and any Coaches of that Team (including the User) will no longer be able to view the Athletes' Push data or schedule anything for them in Portal (unless the Athlete is still on another one of the User's Teams).

The User can also remove Athletes from a Team using the 'Assign to Team' dialog. See the 'Assigning Athletes' section for more details.

NOTE: A User cannot remove Coaches from the Athletes Page. To do this the 'Assistant Coaches' dialog in 'Account Settings' must be accessed.

Editing Athletes

The User can edit an Athlete's or Coach's height and weight by clicking on their individual row, which will make the respective boxes editable. If height or weight entered is invalid it will be ignored and value will automatically be set back to the original value. If the value entered is valid the new measurements will be saved once the user clicks outside the row.

Valid Heights:
4ft (122cm) - 9ft (274cm)

The User can edit an Athlete's or Coach's profile by selecting them and choosing 'Edit'. The User cannot change an individual's email because this is the unique username that the account uses to login to PUSH.

Setting Athlete Photo

The User can choose the Push display picture for each Athlete or Coach on the Athletes Page by clicking on the avatar in the photo column. The photo upload dialog will then appear and the User can select a new photo to upload. Once the new photo has been selected the User can zoom it, rotate it, or move it around to choose which parts are cropped out. Portal automatically resizes images to under 500kb so it is possible to upload very large photos if desired.

Setting 1RMs for Athletes

The User can set 1RM load values for any exercise for by selecting the Athlete/Coach to set a value for and clicking the 'Add 1RM' icon. The 1RM dialog will then open. The User must use the search bar to find the desired exercise to set a 1RM for, then input the 1RM load and click 'Save'. Once saved the User can change the exercise using the same process as above and set the 1RMs for that one as well.

An alternative route is to enter the Athlete's/Coach's individual Athlete Page and click the '1RM' tag from the the menu underneath the profile picture/name. This allows the option to select and assign 1RMs for any exercise in the library. In addition, the User is able to view input date, 1RM collection source (manual input or using a submaximal 1RM test through the VBT mobile app), and a timeline progression graph for that exercise by clicking on the '>' symbol in the respective exercise row.

NOTE: Currently these 1RM values are ONLY used by Portal, not the PUSH VBT mobile app.

Bulk Create Athletes using CSV Import

The User can add multiple new athletes at once to a desired Team by using the Athlete CSV Import feature. To do so, the User must enter into the Athlete Overview Page and click on the 'Add Athletes' icon, followed by selecting 'Import CSV' to open the import dialog. The User must then download and save the CSV template file. Each row in the CSV file must then be filled with the information for each athlete that is to be imported. NOTE: The template download is not currently working well in Safari, PUSH recommends using Chrome for this feature.

The following columns are in the template:

  • Email* (required) 

  • First Name* (required) 

  • Last Name* (required) 

  • Date of Birth (yyyy-mm-dd or dd/mm/yyyy)

  • Gender (m or f or empty)

  • Height Unit (cm or ft)

  • Weight Unit (kg or lbs)

  • Password (must be greater than 5 characters)

Once the User has completed filling out the template they must save it (keeping the CSV format) and then select it for upload in the same Portal CSV Import Dialog they downloaded it from by clicking 'Choose CSV File to Upload'. The CSV importer script will then review the file and report any errors found. The User can then correct any errors and re-upload the file. If no errors are found, a table of the Athletes to be created is displayed so the User can verify everything was generated correctly. Once all information is valid the User must click the 'Submit' button to generate the Athletes and assign them to the desired Team.

CSV Import Troubleshooting

If an invalid or missing date of birth is detected the CSV import script will use a default generated birth date. A common error entering the dates of birth in the wrong format, often because the program used to open/edit the template (e.g. Microsoft Excel) auto-formats dates to it's default (e.g. mm/dd/yyyy). The User would need to alter this default to match the valid template formats ((yyyy-mm-dd or dd/mm/yyyy).

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