Users can login to Portal with their email and password. It is the same account as in the VBT mobile app, and is usually the same as their Vital account if they have subscribed to this (this is necessary if a user wants to see their Vital athletes in Portal, and have them use the Push band + VBT mobile app).

Note: The login page is sensitive to display size and may look sightly different depending on screen/browser window size.

Login with Facebook

If a User has linked a Facebook account to their Push account (this can be done through Settings in Portal), they can also login to Portal through Facebook. They will need to enable pop-ups for the initial login as Facebook displays its login form in a popup. After logging in to Facebook the User will be asked to allow Push access to their profile data (this is so their email address can be referenced to find their Push account). If a User grants Push access it will then log them into the Push account associated with that Facebook account. After completing this initial one-time process, the User can then log in to their Portal account at any time through Facebook as long as they are signed in to their Facebook account in their browser.

Remember Me

If a User selects "Remember Me" in the login form, their session cookie will not expire for a year. This means they will stay logged in on the specific browser they logged in through for a year, or until they clear their cookies manually.


Users can register for Push in Portal or in the VBT mobile app. Alternatively, administrators can also create accounts for users. When registering, a User must enter their email, which becomes their username and thus cannot be changed in the future. Push does not send any confirmation emails to the email address entered so it is not mandatory for this to be a real address or owned by the User. However, access to this email address' account is required to accept team invitations and reset passwords.

The registration form on the VBT app and the Portal are not the same. The major differences are:

  • In the VBT mobile app 'Skill Level' can be chosen when registering

  • In the VBT mobile app a profile picture can be chosen when registering

  • In Portal 'Prefer Not To Say' is a selection option in the 'Gender' field

  • In Portal both 'First Name' and 'Last Name' can be multiple words (in the VBT mobile app 'Name' is a single field that can only have one space in it)

  • In Portal both 'First Name' and 'Last Name' can contain special characters (in the VBT mobile app an error is displayed if special characters are used)

  • In Portal confirming password is required

Forgot Password

If a User forgets their password, they can use the 'Forgot Password' link on the Portal and VBT mobile app login pages.

To reset password, click 'Forgot Password'. The User will then be prompted to enter the email address associated with their Push account. Push will then send a Password Reset email to that email address. The User must then open the password reset email, click the link inside, and enter their new password on the page that opens and submit. They can now login with their new password.

IMPORTANT! Resetting the password invalidates a User's session anywhere they are logged in. This means if they were logged in to the VBT mobile app they will need to logout and log back in with the new password. However, this is NOT the case if an administrator resets their password - in this case all the User's sessions are still valid.

Accept Team Invitation

All team invite forms are mobile accessible so Users can perform these from their phones.

In all cases, the person sending the team invite can delete/cancel the invitation once sent (but only before the user accepts the invitation). In this event the receiver of the invite will see an error notification if they try to accept it.

Invite Existing Push User as Athlete

For a coach to add an existing Push User to their Portal team they must obtain that User's permission to view their data. This is achieved with a team invitation. In Portal on the 'Athletes' page, a coach must choose to 'Invite Athlete' and enter their email, which will then send the invite to the email of the athlete/User (NOTE: If the athlete/User did not use a real email when creating their Push account they will NOT be able to accept any team invites). Once the User receives the invitation email, they must click the 'Accept Invite' link. This will open the 'Portal Accept Invite' form. The User must then fill in their login information and click 'CTA'. The User is now on the Coach's team. Push will show a confirmation message to the User, and provide a link to open the VBT mobile app (not a Portal link) so they can start using Push. This will have no effect on the User's VBT app, other than that the Coach can now schedule them workouts and change their preferences from Portal.

Invite Non-Push User as Athlete

A coach can invite a User who is NOT using Push to be on their team. This is effectively inviting the User to sign up for a Push account and having that Push account added to their team as an athlete. The steps are the same as they are in the 'Inviting an Existing Push User as Athlete' section (see above), except in this invite email the User is directed to a registration form where they sign up for Push. When registration is complete the User receives a confirmation screen informing them they have been successfully added to the Coach's team. Push only supports Coach's accounts, not the other Users on these accounts, so Push will only show a link to open the VBT mobile app so the User can start using Push (as opposed to a link to Portal).

Invite Assistant Coach

The Head Coach/Owner of an organization can send 'Assistant Coach' invitations to any email addresses that are NOT currently Push registered. However, if a User is already an assistant coach in their organization, the Head Coach/Owner can add that Assistant Coach to more teams by 'Sending an Invite'. This step will not send an email, but instead automatically adds that Assistant Coach to the new team. See the 'Organizations' section below for more information on what designates an Assistant Coach.

When a Coach sends an invitation to an Assistant Coach an email is sent to the invitee's email address. The Assistant Coach can click the 'Accept Invite' link in the email to open the 'Portal Registration' form and register their Push account. Once registration is complete they will be automatically added as an Assistant Coach on the specified team. After successful registration the conformation page will display a link to Portal so the Assistant Coach can login right away and see their team.

Given that an existing Push User can NOT be set up as an Assistant Coach, the invited User can ONLY create their Push account through the accept link in the email. If they create the push account in another way and then try to accept it will display an error message.

Switching Teams

In Portal most pages are specific to the currently selected Team (currently selected Team name is shown on the top right hand corner in Portal next to current User profile picture). For example, on the Athletes Page only the Athletes and Coaches of the currently selected Team are displayed. To switch to a different Team, click the 'Teams' list dropdown menu in the top right corner of Portal (next to the current User profile picture). Once the dropdown menu opens, click the name of another Team to switch. To manage your Teams, see 'Team Settings' by clicking on the current User profile picture in the top right corner.


An organization is how Push tracks Users' Portal subscriptions, Assistant Coaches, and Vital account information. Each organization has a single Owner, a single Portal subscription, and an unlimited number of Teams and Assistant Coaches inside of it. Any Assistant Coach of an organization is part of the Portal subscription for the overall organization.

When a user logs into Portal for the first time, Push automatically creates an organization for them that the User is Owner/Head Coach of. This means the User is responsible for Portal payment(s) when their trial expires, and has full access/control over all teams they create. Only the Owner of an organization can change the Portal subscription for the organization, or add Assistant Coaches to the organization. If a User is invited to be an Assistant Coach, then Push adds them to the organization they were invited to once they accept the invite. When the Assistant Coach logs into Portal for the first time, Push won't create an organization for them, because they are already part of one.

If you want to learn more about how Push uses organizations for Vital, go here.


There are two kinds of Coaches in an organization:

Owner/Head Coach: Owns the organization and any Portal subscription associated with it. They have full access to all teams in the organization and can invite Assistant Coaches to their teams. They can also manage Team Preferences.

Assistant Coach: Only has access to the Athletes of the Teams they have been invited to. They are included as part of the Owner's Portal subscription and do not need to manage the subscription in any way. They can not modify team preferences or invite other Assistant Coaches to a team. Any team they create is actually owned by the Owner of their organization as they are just an assistant on this Owner's account

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