Open 'Settings' by clicking on the User profile image on the top right side of the Portal display.

Settings Actions

Account Settings - User account settings and managing Assistant Coaches of Teams. See 'Account Settings' section below for details.

Team Settings - Create/Edit/Delete current Teams, manage Team-wide preferences. See 'Team Settings' section below for details.

Subscription - Opens subscriptions dialog, this provides details of current subscription for a subscribed User, otherwise it shows first step in subscription process. Click here to find more information on Standard vs. Elite Portal subscriptions.

Account Settings

From the Account Settings dialog the User can:

  • Change/remove their current profile picture

  • Change their first name, last name, position, weight unit, and height unit

  • Link their Push account to a Facebook account so they can login to Portal (and the PUSH VBT mobile app if available) through their Facebook account.

  • Manage the Assistant Coaches on their Teams (remove existing Assistant Coaches, add new ones, and/or add existing ones to more teams)

Team Settings

From the Team Settings dialog the User can:

  • Create a new Team

  • Delete an existing Team

  • Change the name of an existing Team

  • Set VBT mobile app preferences for everyone on a Team (e.g. set weight unit to lbs for all athletes on a Team)

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