Portal Users can create/schedule Workouts and Programs using Components. Athletes will see their scheduled training sessions in their Timeline in the VBT mobile app. Individual components (e.g. a warm-up, a resistance training workout, and a cool-down) can be grouped together to create a 'Session'.

Both individual Components and Sessions can be scheduled individually, or as part of a Program. There are currently four Component types that can be used:

  • Resistance Training: Strength training workout/routine. A series of sets/supersets of different exercises, and can be set up for use with or without the PUSH band.

  • Warm-Up / Preparation: A list of preparatory movements and exercises that consist of a name and description for each.


    Exercise Name: "Chest Opener With Forward Bend",

    Description: "Stand with your feet hips-width distance apart. Interlace your hands behind your back. Keeping your legs straight, bend at the hips, tucking your chin and bring your hands over your head."

  • Cool-down / Recovery: A list of restorative movements and exercises.


    Name: "Lower Back Stretch"

    Description: "Perform for 20 seconds. Lie down on your back and pull your knees up to your chest. Deepen the stretch as you breathe out."

  • Speed / Agility / Conditioning: A list of exercises relevant to any of the three categories consisting of a name and description for each.


    Name: "10m Sprint Accelerations from a deep 2pt Start"

    Description: "From a low crouched position, roll into a 10m sprint acceleration making sure to focus on arm drive and crisp ground contacts."

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