Resistance Training components (or 'Workouts') are built in the 'Builder' section.

Summary Area

On the right side of the page is the summary area, which displays what has been added to the workout the User is currently building. In this section the User can drag and drop the exercise rows to change the order of the exercises, or create supersets by dragging and dropping exercises on top of each other).

The User can click on any exercise row to select it and load the completed information for the exercise in the Edit Exercise section on the left-hand side of the page.

To remove an exercise, the User must right-click the exercise row in question and select 'Remove' to remove it from the workout template.

The 'Totals' row at the bottom of the template displays a summary table tallying the total number of sets, reps, and volume load that will be lifted in the session as currently built. The summary table also tallys total tempo, and rest time taken in seconds in the session as currently built.

The total tempo for a rep = sum of all three tempo parts (e.g. if tempo = 1:2:3 then tempo sum is 6 seconds).

The total tempo for an exercise = total tempo for each rep * number of reps * number of sets.


Back Squat -
3 sets, 30sec rest after each set, Tempo: 1:2:3

  • 2 rep * 10 kg

  • 2 rep * 10 kg

  • 2 rep * 10 kg

Bench Press -
3 sets, 60sec rest after each set, Tempo: 2:1:4

  • 2 rep * 10 kg

  • 3 rep * 10 kg

  • 4 rep * 15 kg

Sets: 6
Reps: 15
Load: 170kg
Rest: 270sec
Tempo: 99sec

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