By default when a Coach creates a Component, Session, or Program it is private to the team it was created on.

Only Coaches of that Team can see it and it can only be scheduled to Athletes on that Team.

Example: Coach 1 has two Teams: 'Forwards' and Defence. In Portal Coach 1 selects 'Forwards' and creates a Resistance Training Component called 'Leg Day 1'. Now Coach 1 can only see 'Leg Day 1' when they have the 'Forwards' Team selected in Portal, and can only schedule it for Athletes on the 'Forwards' team. If the Coach wants to schedule it for Athletes on the 'Defence' team they will need to Share the component.

Sharing a Component/Session/Program means it is visible to any team the User has selected in their Organization. It also means ALL Coaches in the Organization have full access to edit and view the Component/Session/Program, and change or copy it.

Only the original creator can delete or unshare the Component/Session/Program and make it private again. Shared Components/Sessions/Programs will always appear at the top level in the folder structure of shared Teams (not the original Team), but in the creator's team they can be in folders. Coaches of Teams the Component/Session/Program was shared with cannot move it inside a folder. Any Coach can copy a shared workout, which makes an identical copy that is private to that Team. The copy is then a standard Component/Session/Program that can be shared/edited/deleted/moved as desired.

At any time the creator of a shared Component/Session/Program can choose to unshare it, which will make it private to the original Team it was created on. This will not affect any scheduled instances of the Component/Session/Program.

As Users that did not originally create the shared item can't move it inside folders, the 'Save' action will not allow them to choose a folder to save to after editing a shared Component/Session/Program, it will only allow them to save it to the top level folder.

Within the Component/Session/Program directory pages (both in the Builder and Programming sections) shared items will appear with a Shared icon on their card.

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