On the PUSH Portal, there are two levels of coaches: Head coaches (organization owner) and assistant coaches.

Head coaches oversee the organization and Portal subscription, they have access to athletes, programs, and data for all teams.

An assistant coach, however, only has access to the athletes, programs, and data for the team(s) they were assigned to.

NOTE: assistant coaches can still create teams within the organization.

How to Add an Assistant Coach

Begin by selecting the profile icon in the top right.

Next select 'Account Settings'.

Select 'Assistants'.

Use the drop-down menu to select a team, and then select 'Invite New'.

Enter the assistant coach's email and select 'Invite'. The assistant coach will now receive an email invitation to create an account.

NOTE: once the assistant coach has created an account, this process is repeated to add them to additional teams, however, they will no longer receive an email to create an account.

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