In the PUSH Portal, the following preferences can be changed for each team which will then be reflected in the PUSH Pro Application:

  • Default Skill Level - Refers to the training ability of the entire team

  • Real Time - Enable or disable real-time feedback on velocity

  • Real Time Alert - Enable or disable an audible cue when a repetition is detected above or below a velocity zone/cuttoff

  • Weight Unit - Choose between lbs or kg

  • Height Unit - Choose between ft or cm

  • Hide Coach Data in Portal - Hide coaches data so that it does not skew team data and does not appear on the Leaderboard

NOTE: The steps for changing any of these preferences are the same regardless of the preference you would like to change.

Begin by selecting the profile icon in the top right.

Select 'Team Settings'.

Select 'Preferences'.

Use the drop-down to select a team.

Once a change has been made, select 'Save'.

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