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Setting up access to Pyn

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Pyn Permission Types

There are three permission types within Pyn:

  • User - Can only access the Pyn Library and their own content. They can send messages.

  • Admin - Can create, delete, and modify Admin and User permissions only. They only see messages that they have created or that they have been added to as a Collaborator. They can access the full Pyn platform, including the Pyn Library, Campaigns, Integrations, Employees and Automations, and send messages.

  • Owner - An Owner can create, delete, and modify all permissions. They can see all messages created in Pyn, have access to all Slack and Email Senders, and access the full Pyn platform. Including the Pyn Library, Campaigns, Integrations, Employees and Automations, and sent messages.

โš ๏ธ Note: All permission types can see the content they've personally created, content with "Organization" visibility, and general Pyn Library content.

No permission types have access to someone else's Library content until:

  • They are added to the content as an "Editor"

  • The content is changed from "Private" to "Organization" visibility

Adding a new User, Admin or Owner

To give someone permissions within Pyn simply:

  1. Log into Pyn.

  2. Select Settings, then Users, and click Add.

  3. Begin typing the name. Employees in your organization will appear in a list that you can select from and their email address will automatically be filled in to the User email field.

  4. Select the appropriate permissions level (i.e, User, Admin, Owner). Select the template message you'd like to send from the Pyn Library. Leave the Send invite box checked if you want the new user to receive a message letting them know they've been given permissions to Pyn.

  5. Click Save.

  6. The new User will appear in your User list as Pending. You can resend an invite by clicking on the ... and selecting Send Invite.

    Their status will change to Active once they have logged into Pyn for the first time.

Deactivating a User, Admin, or Owner

If one of your users no longer needs access to Pyn, you can easily deactivate them.

To deactivate a user:

  1. Log into Pyn and select Settings. In your user list, find the person whose permissions you would like to deactivate.

  2. Click on the ... next to their name.

  3. Click on Deactivate.

  4. The person will now appear in your User list as Deactivated.

Important Notes

  • Deactivating an employee's Pyn user permissions does not remove them from your Employees list.

  • You cannot deactivate yourself and only Owners can deactivate other Owners.

  • If you are working with consultants you can also choose to give permissions to someone outside of your organization.

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