What is Pyn?

Pyn helps you deliver personalized employee experiences throughout the employee journey so that no matter how big you get or how distributed you may be, you can be there for the moments your employees need you most.

How does it work?

Pyn uses employee data pulled from your HRIS to automatically send your employees helpful messages at key moments- from the first day on the job, to a promotion, to running their first 1:1.

Why use Pyn?

Pyn enables you to proactively communicate with employees and support them during hundreds of moments throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

Put simply, Pyn helps you combat information overload, reduce stress, and save time!

Let's show you around!

You'll spend most of your time in one of these areas:

  • Pyn Library

  • Automations

  • Campaigns

Pyn Library

The Pyn Library is chock full of customizable templates, including packets you can use for onboarding, new manager development, performance reviews, and parental leave.

The Library is where you'll get the content you use in your Automation or Campaign.

✉️ Send a test message Select any Pyn and click the preview icon (👁️‍🗨️ ). Select the email icon (✉️ ) and click Send to yourself.


An Automation uses employee data in your HRIS to automatically send messages based on employee events. For example:

  • An employee's hire and exit dates can initiate onboarding and offboarding messages

  • An employee getting a direct report can initiate new manager development training messages

  • An employee's birthday or anniversary can initiate key moments messages.

👀 View our template automations
Go to Automation and scroll through the First Time Manager and Onboarding automation messages.


Campaigns provide you with an overview of the communications planned for your organization as whole.

A Campaign is ideal for company-wide events (like holidays or open enrollment) or for rolling out programs across your organization (like a new L&D program or performance review process).

📅 View your organization's Campaigns calendar
Go to Campaigns and hover your mouse over the dates to see scheduled campaign messages.

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