Clone and edit Pyn library content

Cloning content creates a copy of the Pyn in your Private library (as noted by the lock and "Private"). To clone content, click the "..."

Your cloned content is initially only viewable by you.

Cloning content allows you to work on a message privately.

You can share your content by moving it into your Organization library.

You can also collaborate on a message by adding Editors. Click on Editors and type the name of the person you'd like to add as an editor.

The content you create in your Private library is not viewable by others unless you add them as Editors to a message.

Add your own content to the library

If you don't find a template that suits you or you would like to create your own content from scratch, simply click on the + to begin adding a new piece of content.

Adding your content to the Library creates a template you can use again later.

Send content from the library

When you find a template Pyn you would like to send, simply click Use.

A draft of the message will appear under Drafts where you can edit the message before sending it.

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