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How to use the Pyn Library

Here's what you can do with the Library

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Clone and edit Pyn library content

If you find content in the Pyn Library that you'd like to modify to better suit your company's needs, you can do so by copying the message to a Private Library. In the Private Library, you have ownership over the templates. Any changes made here won't affect the general Pyn Library, providing a secure space for you to tailor your content.

Templates moved into your library are initially visible only to you. This feature provides a private space to work on a message or selectively choose collaborators for the message content. To invite someone to view a template select the "+" option on the right side of the screen and enter the name or email of the person you would like to invite to collaborate. They will need to have access to Pyn.

Clicking on 'My Library' will provide an option to move the message into your 'Org Library'. This allows others in your organization to search for and find the template you created.

Add your own content to the library

If you can't find a template that meets your needs or if you want to create your own content from scratch, just click on + Create to start crafting a new piece of content. Like when copying an existing template to your library, any new template you create will be initially visible only to you in your library.

Adding your content to the Library creates a template you can use again later.

Send content from the library

If you find a template that youโ€™d like to send out that is not related to an automation or campaign use the Copy To button and select the Copy to Drafts.

This will be stored in your drafts. Here, you can edit the message and specify the sender and recipients before sending it.

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