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Review our communications best practices checklist

Before you send out your first Pyn, use this checklist to follow our best practice guidelines to creating personalized, actionable messages

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Content best practices

  • The subject line is direct, action-oriented, time-bound and when possible avoids jargon

  • The message description clearly states the purpose of the message

  • If an action is needed, it is clearly stated at the beginning of your message and includes relevant dates

  • The message is formatted with appropriate headers, images, and/or forms

  • Longer information sections or optional reading is linked out


  • The message is reaching the right audience using conditional sections and/or filters


  • The message is coming from the appropriate sender

  • The message is coming from your chosen delivery method (email or Slack)

  • The message is Personalized using tokens (especially in the title and description)


  • The message is timely (sent at the moment of need and in the correct time zone)

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