How do I add a filter?

Go to any message under the Drafts, Campaigns, or Automation tabs.

Let's say we want to send a message:

  • Including everyone in the PR Executive and Finance & Accounting departments

  • Excluding managers

Select the message you want to send and click on the gray All bubble next to the recipient:

This is what your draft message looks like before you have created your filter.

This opens the recipient filter box where you will create your filter:

Before you create your filter, the preview will include all possible recipients.

Start typing to get a list of suggested groups. In this example, we want to include the PR Executive department:

Click on the group you want to receive your message.

After selecting the groups to include, the Filter Name will automatically update along with the list of eligible recipients:

There are now three eligible recipients for your message.

Let's include another department Finance & Accounting:

After adding another group, there are now five eligible recipients.

Let's exclude All Managers from receiving this message:

After excluding a group, there are now four eligible message recipients.

Once you finish creating your recipient list, click Apply to save the filter you have created.

Your message will now go only to the recipients in the groups you have selected.

How does it work?

When using the include filter, you can put the word 'only' in front of it:

Only send this message to employees in the PR Executive or Finance & Accounting group

When using the exclude filter, you can put the word 'never' in front of it:

Never send this message to employees in the All Managers group

👉 An exclude filter overrides an include filter.
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