All Pyns sent via email will come from

However, you can create additional Sender options and Reply-to Email addresses.

To create an email alias:

  1. Log into Pyn.

  2. Select Settings and click Senders.

  3. Click Add.

  4. Type the name and email address of the new Sender. You can also add an Email signature for this sender. Type in the signature and select the text to add bold, underline, italics or a link. Click Save.

  5. Your newly added Sender will now appear in the Senders list. You will also see the User who added the alias. This User is the owner of the alias shown in the Email Alias Owner column.

    Users can view only their personal Slack account and the email Sender options they create. The Pyn email and Pyn bot are visible to all users.

  6. To make edits or delete an alias, simply click on ... and make your changes.

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