Add a reminder to your message

Pyn's Reminders feature allows you to easily remind a recipient to read or action an email or Slack message

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How Reminders work

For messages with reminders:

  • If a recipient does not click on the link within the email or the button in Slack, they will receive the message again.

  • The message will appear the same, but will include a "Reminder" heading.

  • The message will send at the same time of day as the original message was sent.

  • If you set multiple Reminders, no Reminders will be sent after the recipient has clicked on the email link or Slack button.

A sample Reminder message via email.

How to add a Reminder to your message

  • Select Create to start your message (or if you are using a message from the Library select Use)

  • Click on Read more or An acknowledgement or confirmation of the content under Add to this. This will pop up a button and a new content section.

  • Click on the button to edit the text as needed (i.e., Learn more, Accept policy, Acknowledge, Agree to terms, Confirm, etc). Then click on the alarm clock icon. Note: no reminder has been set when the alarm clock has a line through it.

  • Click Add for each reminder you want to create. Set the number of days after the message is sent that you would like a reminder to be sent. Click Save.

  • After you click Save, you will return to the previous screen and see that a reminder has been set (as indicated by the checkmark inside the alarm clock).

  • Be sure to complete the content in the "Read More" or "Acknowledge" section before sending your message.

How to edit or remove Reminders

To edit or remove reminders:

  • Click on the clock icon in your message

  • To edit the reminder: Adjust the number of days by using the up and down arrows next to the number or type in the number To remove the reminder: Click on the trash can icon

  • Click Save

How to see if a message has been actioned

A message with a reminder will show the same statuses as other messages with "Read More" and "Acknowledge" sections.

Check Individual Readership Stats

  1. Log into Pyn

  2. Select the Sent tab

  3. Search for the name or email address of the employee and click on the Pyn. On the left of the Pyn, you'll be able to see the status whether it's Sent, Clicked or Read. In the case of a Read and Accept message, you will see if the message has been Accepted.

Check Readership Stats for Multiple Recipients

  1. Select the Sent tab

  2. Search for the title of the Pyn or for the name or email address of the recipient.

  3. Click on the Pyn. To the left of the Pyn, the status will indicate whether it's Sent, Clicked, or Read. If there are multiple recipients, you will see a dash.

  4. Click the purple Stats button on the top right of your screen to see the percentage of recipients who have Clicked or Read the Pyn. In the case of a Read and Accept message, you will see the percentage of recipients who have Accepted.

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