An Automation uses employee data in your HRIS to automatically send messages based on employee events. For example:

  • An employee's start date can initiate pre-onboarding and onboarding messages

  • An employee getting a direct report can initiate new manager development training messages

  • An employee's birthday or anniversary can initiate key moment messages.

To use an Automation, you must enable and configure it.

Select your Automation

Select the Automation option on the navigation bar.

Scroll to the Automation you would like to enable and click on the header. In this example, we will enable the Will Be Joining Automation (when a candidate is added to your HRIS).

After locating the Automation header click the Set Up option. On the right hand side of the screen details about when enrollment occurs and if the automation is active. For inactive automations choose the Activate button.

Customize your Automation

To customize, choose the Automation mode and Re-enrollment period you would like, these selections can be changed at any time. To confirm your automation options select the Enable option at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Automation mode options:

  • Manual (In Manual mode, you must manually unpause messages before they will send. This gives you the ability to review Pyns before they are sent. To unpause messages, go to your Drafts folder, select each message, and choose "unpause" from the dropdown.)

  • Automatic (In Automatic mode, messages will send as soon as they are ready.)

Re-enrollment period options:

  • Always (Employees who exit and later rejoin the company will always receive these messages.)

  • 1 month (Employees who exit and rejoin the company within 1 month will not receive these messages.)

  • 3 months (Employees who exit and rejoin the company within 3 months will not receive these messages.)

  • 6 months (Employees who exit and rejoin the company within 6 months will not receive these messages.)

  • 12 months (Employees who exit and rejoin the company within 12 months will not receive these messages.)

  • Never (Employees who exit and later rejoin the company will never receive these messages.)

Active Automation!

Your Automation is now active! The selections you made will appear as shown below.

Edit your Automation

See something you'd like to update? Simply click on the three dots (...) and choose to Edit or Disable the Automation.

Schedule Pyns within an Automation

Once you have enabled an Automation, you may want to adjust the scheduling of when messages will send.

Choose the message you would like to schedule and then select on event option above the banner image.

Enter the number of days before or after the event occurs that you would like the message to be sent. For example, if you want the first Welcome message to be sent as soon as an employee is added to the HRIS, you would select on event.

You can also choose if you want Pyns to send only on weekdays and select the time when you'd like them to send. Select Save to apply changes.

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