Features and Functionality

Launching your onboarding buddy program

Having a buddy helps new hires navigate an organization’s unspoken cultural norms, build up their networks, and get deeper context about the organization - all of which leads to them feeling more engaged, confident, and productive.

For what to think about as you build your onboarding buddy program, check out How to build an onboarding buddy program that doesn’t suck.

To set up your onboarding buddy program in Pyn — please email support@pynhq.com to request a demo.

Getting Started with Buddy

More email customizability

Our expanded Theme functionality allows you to further customize your email messages. After you add your logo, you can also now update your default font, change link colors, and change button and button text colors to match your company's branding.

For instructions on how to update this, see:

Set Your Company Theme

Embedding images in your short messages

Our new Short Message feature allows you to include files saved with the .jpeg, .png, or .gif format. For example, include a fun gif when sending out a birthday or anniversary message.

For more info about this update, see:

Embedding images in your short messages

Pyn Library

Wellbeing content:

Onboarding buddy content:

Fixes and updates

  • Employee Manual Upload features additional demographics.

  • Conditional sections can now accommodate including links and lists within the section.

  • Copying and pasting nested lists from Google and Notion results in a flattened bulleted list. Note: Nested lists is currently not supported.

  • Personalization tokens now appear within Preview

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