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Pyn's Reminders feature allows you to easily remind a recipient to read or action an email or Slack message.

When you add a Read More or Acknowledgment section to your message, simply click on the clock icon to also set a reminder for that message.

For instructions on how to create a Reminder, see:

Add a Reminder to your message

Personalized Notes

Our new Personalized Notes feature allows you to create a section within a message for someone else in your organization to complete.

For example, when creating an onboarding message for a new hire, you can add a Personalized Note section for their manager to complete that will appear within the onboarding message.

Add a Personalized Note to an Automated message

Updated email message format

We have updated our email message format to provide a more friendly reader experience. This includes a new email template (as seen below) and our "Powered by Pyn" footer.

Improved Library experience

With one click, you can now copy content from the Library to your Drafts, an Automation, or your Private Library.

Microsoft Single Sign-on

In addition to Google Single Sign-on and Okta Integration, you can now log into Pyn using Microsoft Single Sign-on.

For information on how to use Microsoft Single Sign-on, see:

Sign into Pyn using Google or Microsoft

Increased personalization and customization

We've added a new token (@manager.email) so you can add a manager's email address into your messages. Type the "@" symbol in a message and the personalization menu will appear with all your options.

For the full list of available tokens, see our List of Supported Tokens.

Pyn Library

New and updated content added in the Pyn Library:

Pre-onboarding content (for pre-onboarding 3+ weeks prior to start date)

Offboarding content

Wellbeing content



  • Copy and pasting from Google Docs retains formatting (bold, italic, underlined)

  • Copy and pasting from Google Docs retains formatting links within bulleted and numbered lists

  • Improved search for personalization tokens -

    • Typing '@' opens the menu

    • Mis-spelling a token will not close the menu

    • Typing '.' will not close the menu

  • Copying and pasting from previous Pyn messages will not produce errant links

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