Read and Accept

Pyn's Read and Accept feature allows you to easily automate and track employees' acceptance of policies or other content.

Simply send a short message or a link to a policy by Slack and employees can click to confirm they have read and agreed to the content.

For instructions on how to create a Read and Accept message, see:

Create a Read and Accept message

Add your company's logo to emails

Our new Theme feature allows you to customize Pyn's email messages with your organization's logo. Just upload your company logo!

For instructions on how to upload your logo, see:

Customize emails with your company's logo

Add an email signature

You can now add an email signature to your emails. See how:

Customize emails with your email signature

More message personalization options with tokens

We've added even more tokens to help you personalize your messages. Type the "@" symbol in a message and the personalization menu will appear with all your options. To see a full list of the tokens available and how you can use them, please see our List of Supported Tokens.

Pyn Library

New content added in the Pyn Library under Holidays:

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