Introducing: New Short Message Formats 📝

Our new short message formats allow you to send a Pyn that a recipient can read without needing to click away. The short message format is great for things like quick reminders and updates by email or Slack.

Here's what the new message format looks like in Slack:

Please note - while you are not currently able to see readership stats for Pyns sent using the short message format, we will be updating this feature to provide more visibility into message delivery and readership.

Add more Pyn Users and Senders ✉️

It's easy to give more of your team the ability to create content and send messages in Pyn.

Go to the Settings tab to add new Pyn Users and Admins.

You can also add email Senders and email aliases (such as

See here for instructions on how to add Users and here to learn how to add email Senders.

More ways to personalize your messages

No need to remember which personalization tokens are available to you anymore. Start typing your message with the "@" symbol and the personalization menu will appear with all your options.

See more about how to personalize your Pyns.

New Manual Enrollment for Automations

The new Manual Enrollment feature allows you to manually schedule an Automation. This is useful when you want to test your Automation before fully enabling it, or when you want to enroll someone in an Automation after the normal trigger date.

For information on how to use Manual Enrollment, see here.

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