We're excited to launch a new feature into BETA. You can now send ad-hoc messages and campaigns to a Slack channel. Support for Automations is coming soon.

Please reach out to support@pynhq.com if you'd like access to this feature!


Re-authenticate the Slack app

In order to view and post to Slack channels the Pyn Slack app needs additional permissions. You can grant those by re-authenticating your app.

  1. Go to integrations > Slack.

  2. Click the menu and select Re-authenticate.

  3. This will guide you to a page to confirm the permissions the Pyn app needs.

Re-authenticate the user senders

Each individual Slack user that has connected Pyn to their personal Slack user needs to re-authenticate to allow Pyn the additional permissions. Pyn needs those to be able to send messages on behalf of that user to Slack.

Send to a Slack channel

Ensure Slack channel membership

If you're sending a message to a channel via your own Slack user, be sure to join the channel before sending.

If you are going to be using the PynBot as the sender it is important to add the Pyn app to the channel prior to sending the message. Add the app to the channel by selecting the members in the top right hand corner, then choosing the integrations option in the pop-up window. Click the option to Add an App and follow the prompts.

Craft your communication

After you've granted the additional permissions, you can search and select Slack channels as recipients.

⚠️ It can take up to an hour for your company's Slack channels to appear in Pyn.

  1. Select the Pyn Bot or a your Slack user.

  2. Click on the Recipient to open the dropdown. You can now search for Slack channels.

⚠️ You can't search for a Slack channel if you've selected an email sender.

Deliver to Slack channels

After you've sent the message it'll be delivered to the selected Slack channel.


Q: I'm getting an error when trying to send to a Slack Channel, what might be happening?

A: There are two things to check for when seeing an error message:
1️⃣ Ensuring the channel is a Public channel within your organization.
2️⃣ Checking to make sure the PynBot has been added to the channel.

Q: If I have an error notice and attempt to resend a new message will a duplicate appear?

A: No, messages that have an error notification will not retroactively send.

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