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How to get employee data into Pyn with a Workday HRIS Integration

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Why connect to your HRIS?

The best way to fully leverage the power of Pyn is by making sure you have accurate, up-to-date information about your employees in the Pyn platform.

How It's Done

Step 1 - Setting up the Report as a Service feature

Your Workday Administrator will need to create a report using the "Report as a Service" or RaaS feature.

  • Ideally the report they create should include these fields:

    • Active_Status

    • BusinessTitle

    • Department_Name

    • Employee_ID

    • Exempt

    • Hire_Date

    • Home_Email_Address (If Pre-Onboarding automation is active).

    • Job_Level

    • Location

    • Manager_ID

    • Preferred_Name

    • Termination_Date

    • Time_Zone (IANA format like Australia/Sydney)

    • Work_Country

    • WorkEmail

πŸ”Ž For details on additional demographics and header requirements please refer to our Pyn Data Dictionary

Step 3- Login to Pyn

Login to your Pyn account. Go to Integration > Workday and click connect.

Step 4- Provide access to the RaaS

In order for the Pyn system to access the RaaS, you will need the following information from your Workday Administrator:

  • url (JSON)

  • username

  • password

Step 5- Pyn will validate the RaaS

Once you have the above information, contact Pyn so that we are able to validate the RaaS is working as expected.

Step 6 - Activation!

Pyn can now activate the Workday integration!

What's Next?

When successfully activated the employee data will be reflected in your account. Please note that there are some demographics that will need to be turned on by a Pyn Admin before they are reflected.


  • Q: How often is new data being pulled into Pyn?

    • A: With our HRIS integration we are running hourly checks on data. This allows us to ensure that the most up-to-date information is being reflected in Pyn.

For additional support please email

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