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How to configure pre-built campaigns

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As a Pyn Admin you now have the power to quickly plan out holiday and observance messages to your employees. This is a great way to communicate the importance of a day to employees as well as keep them informed of any office closures due to a holiday or observance.

How It’s Done

Once you’re logged into Pyn, navigate to Campaigns. Select the option to +Create above the search bar.

Next, select the option that allows you to “Pick a pre-built campaign.”

From here you’ll be able to select from a list of holidays and observances. For this example we’ll be using US Holidays in 2023.

After selecting the campaign, a list of holidays will appear. Selecting All or choosing a specific holiday or observance will pre load templates into the campaign for you. Click the +Add button at the bottom to complete this step.

A confirmation screen will appear and clicking done will take you to the campaign that was just created.

Edit and Schedule Messages

Clicking on a message header will allow you to make any edits to the preloaded template. Please note that some messages do contain suggestions to Pyn Admins and should be updated before sending.

For each message you’ll want to check that the sender and receiver are updated. There are some messages that are intended to go out to Managers Only.

When a message is ready, clicking on the scheduled button in the top right hand corner will allow you to review and adjust the delivery date and time if needed. As a final step be sure that the toggle next to the message is switched on. This will ensure that your message will be scheduled and sent. If the toggle is not switched on the message will not be scheduled.


Q: I just added a holiday campaign but don’t see it, where would it have gone?

A: Check the year on the calendar. If it is showing as 2022 you can use the navigation tools on the right hand side above the calendar overview. The 2023 campaigns will be reflected on that calendar view.

Q: There are holidays or observances that I don’t see. How do I get those added?

A: We recognize that observances are currently centered on the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. It's our goal to diversify the calendar by geography and dates of religious significance. You can let us know on the HR calendar page which important dates you'd like to see added, or send an email to

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