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Add Filters to Your Automation

Ensure your Automation messages are sent to the right group of people

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After you create your automation, you can choose to add a filter at the automation level. This allows you to only include or always exclude employees based on a certain demographic.

For example, you may want to exclude contractors or contingent workers from your Onboarding automation because the information is irrelevant to them. The instructions below walk through how to ensure that a specific group is excluded from your Automation.

Start by clicking on the header of the Automation. On the righthand side of the screen under the Details there will be a filter option. Select the grey filter to add in your preferences.

Enter a filter name, and add the groups into the only include or only exclude sections. To save these setting hit apply.

The applied filter name will appear in the details page.


Q: Can filters be applied to existing automations?

A: Yes! The filters can be applied to automatons that have already been set up.

Q: For existing automations, will applying a filter stop the scheduled messages for employees?

A: No. If you have employees enrolled with scheduled messages, adding a filter will not change the delivery. This will only apply to employees moving forward.

Q: If someone is excluded from an automation, what happens if I manually enroll them?

A: If you manually enroll an employee to a automation they'll be able to receive the messages.

Q: What demographics should be used in the filters?

A: The best demographics to use are going to be those that aren't bound to date based event like lifecycles. Changes to lifecycle demographics happen more often than other demographics this could lead to an employee becoming eligible to be enrolled into an automation they were previously excluded from.

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