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Editing Enrollment Rule: Timing
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As your company grows your Automation requirements may change. An Automation uses employee data in your HRIS to automatically send messages based on employee events. In this example we’ll be updating the pre-onboarding time frame from 14 days to 30 days.

How It’s Done

  1. Click on the header of the Automation that you’d like to change the delivery timeframe for.

  2. Use the ... menu in the right hand corner, and select the Edit option.

  3. Under the enrollment rule, update the number of days a message can be sent before (or after) the event.

  4. Confirm the changes by using the Save button at the bottom of the screen.

What’s Next

In the Automation, you can now select a message and update the scheduled delivery date. The newly updated schedule will be reflected in the text below.


Q: Will I need to update the delivery date on messages or does that happen automatically?

A: You will need to update the delivery date on messages after a change is made. This is also a best practice to ensure that the cadence of messages supports managers and your organization's goals.

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