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Release Notes: October 2023
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Milestone Anniversaries

Throughout an employee's tenure, anniversaries are a key moment in their career journey that should be celebrated. These milestone anniversaries are great times to highlight the impact that the employee has as a vital member of your organization, their achievements, growth, and dedication.

To set up a Milestone Anniversary Automation, please contact for assistance with configuration.

New Fonts + Reader View

We have added two new fonts to the list. Under Settings > Theme you can now choose from:

  • DM Sans

  • Roboto

In addition to these new font options, your selected font will also be applied to the text copy when an employee clicks on a Read More button.

πŸ’ͺ Custom Recipients in Automation Messages

  • Creating an Alternative Email Recipient.

  • Trigger a message within the Automation to another team member (like HRBPs or the IT Team).

  • Include a Cc recipient to Automation Messages.

🀩 Ownership Updates

  • As a Pyn Owner, you now have the ability to create, delete, and modify all permissions.

  • See all messages created in Pyn.

  • Access to all Slack and Email Senders.

  • Access the full Pyn platform including: Campaigns, Integrations, Employees, Automations, and sent messages.

πŸ”‘ Short Message Stats and Open Rates

  • Get insight into how recipients are interacting with emails.

  • See interaction with short messages that do not include a Read More or Acknowledge action.

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