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Send to Personal Email Address

Learn how to send to an employee's personal email address in an Automation

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When automating messages during moments like Offboarding or while an employee is out on extended leave, you may want to specify that a message is sent to their personal email address instead of their work email address. Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Log into Pyn

  2. Go to the Automations page

  3. Select the message you'd like to send to the employee's personal email address

  4. Click on the Recipient menu at the top of the message and select "Employee (Personal email)" from the drop-down

This will ensure the message is sent to the personal email address of the employee enrolled in the Automation.

⚠️This functionality is only available as part of Automations.


Q: Do I need to select "Employee (Personal email)" for "Will be Joining or "Pre-Onboarding automations?

A: No. "Will be Joining" and "Pre-Onboarding" Automations will automatically send to the employee's personal email address.

Q: What happens if an employee doesn't have a personal email address in our HRIS?

A: If there is no personal email address, we'll default to the employee's work email address.

Q: Can I send to a manager's personal email address?

A: No, this is only available for the employee enrolled in the Automation.

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