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Troubleshoot Bounced Emails

Understand when an email has bounced and how to troubleshoot

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When delivering messages via email, Pyn will indicate when one or more messages could not be delivered due to an email bounce. A bounce usually occurs when the email address is inactive or incorrect but can sometimes indicate a larger issue with email security settings that prevent Pyn from delivering emails to your organization.

Where to View Bounces

Pyn displays bounces at the individual message level for emails sent to one or more recipients. To view these, navigate to your Sent folder.

Messages with Multiple Recipients

For a message sent to multiple recipients, a bounce is indicated by the status Sent* and an alert icon at the top of the message.

To view bounce details, click on Stats. You'll be able to see the number of individual bounces and have the option export the message stats. Exporting the message stats includes the emails of bounced employees, along with open and actioned rates for all other recipients.

Messages with Individual Recipients

When sending a message to an individual as part of an Automation or otherwise, if the email could not be delivered, a bounce is indicated by the status Bounced and an alert icon at the top of the message.

For Automation messages, we display bounces as a status on your Dashboard to indicate how many emails for a specific automation have bounced.

โš ๏ธ If you believe any emails have bounced in error, please contact for further troubleshooting.

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