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Send messages to a Skip-level Manager in Automations
Send messages to a Skip-level Manager in Automations

Learn how to send a message to employee's skip-level manager in an Automation.

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In instances like Milestone Anniversaries or when an employee steps into their role as First Time Manager, it may be a good idea to send a note to the employee's skip-level manager. This practice not only helps to keep a pulse on key moments in an employee’s journey with the organization, but also fosters a stronger rapport between managers and team members who may not typically interact. Follow the steps below to learn how to add a Skip-level Manager as a recipient:

  1. Log into Pyn.

  2. Navigate to the Automations page.

  3. Select or create a message you'd like to send to the employee's skip level manager.

  4. Click on the Recipient menu at the top of the message and select "Skip-level Manager" from the drop-down.

⚠️This functionality is only available as part of Automations.

When an employee is enrolled into the automation you will then be able to see who each message will be going to via the Activity section in your account.


Q: What happens if there is no skip-level manager?

A: In the event that an employee does not have a skip-level manager the message will appear in the activity with an excluded tag.

Q: Am I able to exclude certain skip-level managers?

A: Yes, this can be done by using the filter option in the skip-level manager message. Keep in mind the filters applied will be based on the recipient of the message, not based on the employee that caused the message.

Q: Will employee managers know that a skip-level manager has received a notification?

A: No. If you would like to keep managers in the loop the cc option can be selected. If you are also sending a message to the employee manager you can indicate that a message to the skip-level manager was sent.

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