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Release Notes: May 2024
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Skip-level Manager Recipient

In an automation like Milestone Anniversaries or First Time Manager, you now can choose to have a skip-level manager as a recipient. This can help build rapport between managers and team members who may not regularly interact.

Create and Save Recipient Filters

There are now two ways to add filters to a message in Pyn. With Custom Filters you can create a filter from scratch specific to the message you're configuring. While Saved Filters allow you to save and reuse a filter that might apply to multiple messages.

Conditional Senders

For increased personalization, you can now customize the sender of a message based on the recipient's demographics in automated messages. For instance, you might want to send a universal welcome message to all employees, but have the sender appear as a different person or alias depending on the location.

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Verify Tag in Activity View

We have added a 'Verify' tag in the Activity view to help you identify which automations are not yet fully activated. Messages within these automations will require additional actions before they can be sent out to recipients.

Multi-select Messages to Pause or Unpause

In the Activity view, you can now select multiple messages at once and choose to pause or unpause them. This feature is particularly useful if your automation process requires you to verify all outgoing messages.

New Tokens Added

  • @princiapal.managerName - This token will pull in the name of the manager of the person causing the automation.

  • @princiapal.managerEmail - This token will pull in the email of the manager of the person causing the automation.

Example on how this could be used in a message to a skip-level manager:

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