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Create a Jira Ticket in Pyn Automations
Create a Jira Ticket in Pyn Automations
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If you're part of a team that uses Jira as a tool to manage the cross functional responsibilities associated with the onboarding process for new starters you can automatically create a Ticket using Pyn. This will allow you to further streamline the workload associated with the initial phase of bringing a new team member onboard, allowing for a smoother and more efficient process.

Before getting started you’ll need to verify the following:

  1. Your domain is authenticated in Pyn.

  2. You have access to the correct Mail Handler in Jira.

  3. You have a Jira Workspace Management set up.

How It’s Done

This is a multi-step process that requires you to gather and set up information in various places. For this example, we'll use the Will Be Joining/Onboarding automation.

  1. In your Jira Workspace Management instance, you’ll need to gather the project email address. To find a project’s email address follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Project.

    2. Click on Project Settings under the project name.

    3. From the left navigation panel, choose the Notifications.

    4. Under email, copy the email address provided.
      ⚠️Your Jira Service Project comes with a pre-configured cloud email address that you can start using right away. A Jira site admin can also add one custom email address to link to an existing account.

  2. In Pyn, navigate to your Settings and select the Alternative Email Recipient. Set up a recipient using the Jira workspace email address by clicking on the + Add button in the top right corner. Be sure to add a Name that can be easily recognized (e.g. Jira Task Import). ⚠️ Only Pyn Admins will be able to see this alias.

  3. In the Will Be Joining automation create a new message with the desired tokens. As this will be a template format applied to all new hires, it’s recommended that the information be kept as direct as possible.

  4. Set the Sender to be an alias that has your company domain.

  5. In the Recipient field choose the custom Jira Task Import alias.

What’s Next

When a new hire becomes eligible for enrollment into the Automation, a message is sent to the Onboarding Workspace in Jira via the Jira Task Import email. The subject line of the message in Pyn serves as the title of the Ticket, and the message details appear in the description of the Ticket.


Q: I ran a test and the task did not show up in Jira, what should I check for?

A: In Jira, under Mail Handlers, check to see that the email is provisioned correctly under the Handler Type: Create tickets from email.

Q: Do tokens pull in employee information when the Ticket is created?

A: Yes, as long as your data is clean the tokens will pull in the employee information.

Q: What formatting is pulled from the Pyn automation into the Jira Ticket?

A: It’s recommended that the information be kept as direct as possible and that double spacing be used to break up categories. Most formatting—including bullet points—is lost when sending the message to Jira. This can be modified in the Jira Ticket if needed.

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