What is the switch on the side of my Pyramid V1 for?

Wondering what that little toggle switch on the side of your Pyramid does? Well, the times of wondering are over...

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This support article is for Pyramid v1. If you're using Pyramid Pi, please see here instead.

"Oh, what does this button do?" - you, probably!

The switch on the side of Pyramid isn't often needed but can come in handy, here's why its there...

Sometimes network providers, in places like hotels, can disconnect your VPN connection. If this happens Pyramid goes offline to keep you safe (i.e not surfing believing you are connected to VPN when your connection has been disconnected).

To get back online, simply slide the switch on the side of the box.

There’s no right way to position the switch and it can also be used to toggle VPN on/off.

You can, of course, always get back online or control your connection to VPN at any time by using the Pyramid App or visiting but the switch provides an easy way to get online without having to get your smartphone out of your pocket!

If you have any issues, please reach out to us at support@pyramidwifi.com or pop us a message 😃

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