Pyramid has leak protection and a kill switch to keep you safe, so any time you connect to VPN you can be sure you are protected! The simplest way to see if Pyramid is connected to VPN is to glance at the box (if the middle LED is on then you are connected to a server).

Sometimes network providers, in places like hotels, can disconnect your VPN connection. If this happens Pyramid goes offline to keep you safe. To get back online, simply slide the switch on the side of the box or use the app to choose a new server. We've designed Pyramid so that you never have a false sense of security.

There are also a couple of handy ways to check that your VPN connection is working as intended, here's how:

  1. If you are connected to another region e.g you are in the USA but connected to UK, you can check (check IP location and it should show the 'virtual / server location' rather than where you are physically

  2. You can also visit - your Internet Service Provider (ISP) e.g Sky, Comcast etc should not be shown. Instead when connected to VPN it should show a different provider name. Compare the difference between being connected to your regular router and Pyramid.

  3. You can also verify that Pyramid is not leaking DNS records by visiting (if it doesn't show your internet service provider, ISP, name e.g Comcast or Sky then it's not leaking)


If you have any issues, please reach out to us at or pop us a message 😃

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