Pyramid Play allows you to connect a USB Flash Drive to the USB port on Pyramid and then access the files on your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Kodi or other app/device.


  • Wirelessly stream your downloaded files, television and movies to devices with a Netflix or Dropbox style experience

  • Added privacy of not relying on third-party 'cloud' service or internet connection

  • No need to sync with iTunes or take up any storage space on the device

  • Works with all many apps and devices (Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Kodi)

  • Works offline (with no internet connection)

Mac and PC has built-in support for Pyramid Play, it is also compatible with the popular media application Kodi, and there are a number of compatible apps for iOS and Android. We've provided some details below on how best to get started on your device / app:


Step 1: Load files on your USB Drive and then connect it to Pyramid

Getting started is very simple, simply load files on your USB Flash Drive and connect it to the USB port (similar to the image above).


Step 2: Follow the steps for your device


On Mac, simply go to Finder and you will find your USB Drive under 'Shared' on the sidebar (as shown below):


Windows PC

On Windows / PC, simply go to Windows Explorer and you will find your USB Drive under 'Network' on the sidebar (as shown below):


iOS (iPhone & iPad)

We have two recommended apps for iOS, one for files and the other for movies:

Movies (for iPhone or iPad)

Recommended App: Infuse 5. Get it on Apple App Store

How to use / setup:

  1. Open Infuse, tap on ‘Add Files’

  2. Scroll to the bottom and you will see Pyramid will automatically be discovered under ‘Available shares’

  3. Tap on ‘PYRAMID’

  4. You may wish to star your USB drive so it will always appear on the Infuse home screen

  5. All of your movies and TV Shows will be automatically organised with stunning album art and descriptions if they are titled correctly on the USB drive (as shown on image above)


Files & Documents (for iPhone or iPad)

Recommended App: FileExplorer (FREE). Get it on Apple App Store


How to use / setup:

  1. Tap on the + icon at the top right

  2. Select ‘NAS’

  3. Enter for Host Name/IP and hit Save

  4. You can leave the Login blank and hit the ‘Login’ button

  5. You can now browse your drive under ‘Connections’



Recommended App: File Manager (by ASUS). Get it Google Play Store.

Simply install File Manager from the Google Play Store, make sure you are connected to your Pyramid. Tap on the menu and select 'Network place' and then you will be able to browse your drive (as shown below)


You can also connect it as a NAS (Network Attached Storage) in settings on Kodi, this allows you to view the cover art of the movies on your USB drive and stream all of your files. For details on how to add your USB drive, please see this guide.


That's a whole lot to digest, got questions? Hit us up at or ping us a message 😃



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