How to I get Wireguard access?

How to get access to our new and improved servers

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Wireguard is our new and improved servers with up to 3x faster speeds vs our Classic Servers.

Who can get Wireguard?

Wireguard is now the default for all devices sold after May 2021. For users who purchased before May 2021, Wireguard is available instantly when purchasing a new 12 or 24 Month Pass or a Lifetime Pass Upgrade.

To ensure a smooth rollout of Wireguard, it is currently only available on new pass activations (either new devices or pass upgrades as outlined above). We also have a waitlist available so you get notified when it's available for you if you don't wish to upgrade.

I've upgraded - how do I get Wireguard now?

There are two steps:

  1. Update firmware if you're not up to date - see how

  2. If you're already up to date, sign in again by tapping Menu > Sign In and Wireguard should show.


The easiest way to get Wireguard once your account is eligible is to make sure your device is up to date (Tap Menu > Software update and check its on at least v2.5 or later).

You may need to sign in again by visiting (on versions 2.5) or (on versions 2.6+) - you must be connected to Pyramid for those links to work.

Stuck and needing help? Please reach out to and we'll be happy to help.

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