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What is the required USB charger or power supply?
What is the required USB charger or power supply?

Looking for more info on what chargers to use, here's what you need to know...

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Pyramid Pi comes with USB-A to USB-C cable included. As pictured above, the USB-C cable goes into the Raspberry Pi. And, the USB-A cable (the larger side) goes into a USB power adapter.

Do not power your Pyramid Pi with a 5v1a power adapter (which is the old iPhone-style charger) or an underpowered USB port such as the one you'll find on your broadband router. A 5v3a adapter is the recommended minimum (but you may find a 5v2a works).

Options for 5v3a-rated adapters are shown below

Power Adapters (Raspberry Pi):

These ones have USB-A (so work with the cable in the Pyramid box):

Or USB-C chargers like the following also work (although be sure to have either a USB-C cable or have a charger that includes one like below, as the Pyramid cable is USB-A to USB-C):

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