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This article covers the following topics:

  1. Add a table

  2. Editing the table

  3. Change the text style in a table

Add a table

  1. Click Charts on the left toolbar.

  2. Select the Basic Table option.

  3. A table is added to the page.

Editing the table

Add values

Click the table, and type or paste any information you want to include in the cells.

Once you finish editing the table, hit return (Enter key) or click anywhere else on the design to complete.

Add or Delete Rows or Columns

Select a cell or row in your table. You can do this in several ways:

  • Click on one of the cells in your table. Click the cell again so that your cursor is visible (flashing) in the cell.

  • Double-click the outline of a cell to fully highlight it and the value in the cell.

  • Double-click on the value in the cell (text or number) in order to select it.

When you've selected the cell, row, or the cell value (whatever numbers or text is in the cell), access your "right-click" menu by right-clicking your mouse or two-finger tapping your trackpad.

[video-to-gif output image]

[GIF description: A user selects the text in a cell in a Basic Table, as described above. They right-click to bring up a menu that displays the options listed below. The user clicks "Delete row" and the row that they selected the cell in disappears. End.]

From this menu, you can:

  • Insert a column to the right or to the left

  • Insert rows above or below

  • Add columns to the right or left

  • Delete a column or a row

Click on the function in the menu and it will carry out the function in the row or column that you selected the cell (or row or column in) and immediately change your table.

Change the text style in a table

To access the table styling options:

  1. Click the table.

  2. You can customize the text style with the options on the top toolbar.

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