Our data API gives you access to the survey data from Q-Fi, which can be accessed by external tools. 

Get the API URL and key
To begin you will need to generate an API link and key for the survey you wish to access. 

  1. Use the navigation menu from the home screen and click on "Survey Settings"
  2. While in survey settings, scroll down and check the "Remote Data Access" checkbox

3. Once activated you will see the API link and key to be used in the external tool to connect to Q-Fi and pass the data to the external tool. 

4. When using the API link you have the option to get your data in a comma delimited format (similar to CSV) or a JSON format. This can be done by passing the format in the URL, for example:

  • For CSV layout, append &format=csv to the URL
  • For JSON format, append &format=json to the URL 

Importing Data into local database
In most cases you will enter the URL and API Key into the external tool you are using to work with the data. However, in some cases users need to import the data into their own database.
Click the link below to download some example PHP code that can be used to import the Q-Fi data into your local database. 

Download API code example for PHP

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