Quotas are useful when you need to limit then number of completed responses for a specific category or respondents. 

A typical example would be if you needed to only collect 500 completed records per each province. 

Your question in Q-Fi may look something like this:

Now let's assume we needed to add quotas of 500 for Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. 

1. First navigate to the Manage Quotas, by going to the "Reporting" module:

Then click on the "Manage Quotas" item in the left menu:

2. While in the Manage Quota module, there are 2 ways to create quotas; by using the "Add New" button or "Creation Wizard" button. 

  • The "Add New" button will open a popup where you can add quotas manually. 
  • The "Creation Wizard" will take you into the quota creation wizard screen to help you create quotas. 

In the article we will be using the Creation Wizard. Click on the "Creation Wizard" button:

3. While in the creation wizard, we will start by select the province question from the question dropdown menu:

4. Once the question is selected you are presented with all the options available in that question. If need you can select specific options to add to the quota screen at this point. In this example we will leave leave all of them deselected so they will all be added:

5. Now click "Generate" in the top right of the screen:

6. You will be taking to the final screen where you can specific the number of completes (quotas) you require for each item. In this case we will add 500 for Ontario, Quebec and British Colombia:

7. Now click "Save and Add" this will add the quotas to the Manage Quotas screen and take you back into the Creation Wizard to continue adding more quotas if needed. If you do not wish to add more then click the "Go Back" button to be taken back to the Manage Quotas screen:

When you get back to the Manage Quotas screen you will be able to see all the quotas added:

Important Note: 

  • Any question can be added to the quota screen for monitoring, however, if you wish to send respondents that get quota filled out of the survey then you need to define quotas.

At this point our Quotas are all set and ready to go, however if you wish to send respondents to a specific website after they have quota filled, then you need to add an Exit Variable in the survey setup. 

You can find more info on how to create a Quota Full Exit Variable here: https://intercom.help/qfisurveys/creating-and-editing-surveys/setting-up-a-quota-full-exit-variable

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