When viewing data and results you can apply filters to view specific records or segments of data. 

In any of the reporting screens you will find a dropdown menu where you can select different filters, in this article we will provide an overview of the different filters available.

The filter menu can be found in the top right of any of the reporting screens:

Then filter options include:

  1. Completes - this filter will display records that have successfully completed the survey
  2. Terminated - this filter will only show records that were terminated
  3. Quota Full - this filter will only show records that  
  4. Started (no status) - this filter will only show records that have answered at least one question in the survey and does not have a status such as Completed, Terminated or Quota Full.
  5. Filter by date - this filter will allow you to select a date range and only display data that was collected in the defined date range.  
  6. Advanced Filters - this option gives you access to the Advanced Filter screen where you can create more detailed and complex data filters.
  7. Saved Filters - in the Advanced Filter screen you are able to save filters and those saved filters can be found in the "Saved Filters" screen.
  8. Reset Filters - this option is used to clear any filters applied to the data and show all the data.
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