What is Qloudable?

Qloudable is a platform comprised of features and services designed to help accelerate the cloud journey

For better understanding, "cloud journey" refers to the overall experience a customer has when learning about, searching for, testing, purchasing, implementing, and managing cloud-based software solutions. This process often involves lots of research, demos, and experimentation. Qloudable was created with the purpose of simplifying this process -- for customers and publishers alike.

What Are Qloudable's Core Features?

Qloudable's core features at this time are composed of Demo Labs, a publishing platform, and integrated support.

Demo Labs

Demo Labs are basically free demos of cloud solutions created by Publishers, who are the owners and/or creators of that solution. The purpose of Demo Labs is to make it easy for customers of all types to try cloud solutions in a seamless, hands-on experience. 

Demo Labs are temporary demo environments that come with a built-in scenario and instructions for users to walk through, step-by-step. This way, it doesn't matter whether you are an experienced IT Manager or a non-technical business person -- you can follow along with the use case to try out a real version of the cloud product and evaluate it based on your experience. Plus, end users who want to try a Demo Lab only need to register with an email address and any other basic contact info. There is no need to create any cloud account or provide any payment information, so it is not a big commitment. 

As shown in the above image, end users can start a Demo Lab with the click of a button. The Demo Lab deploys in the cloud, and users will receive instructions on how to access it. It's that simple! From then on, the user is free to try the demo lab as they see fit. Demo Labs can also feature additional content like videos, datasheets, white papers, and more!

Publishing Portal

There are two main types of accounts in the Qloudable platform: Users and Publishers

Users are end users who sign up to browse and interact with cloud solutions and other content in Qloudable. Publishers are the ones who create the solutions and content, and manage their offers through the publishing portal.

Demo Lab settings, analytics, app integrations, and other configuration options for Publishers are available through the Qloudable publishing portal. Within the portal, Publishers can create, manage, and customize their cloud solutions. They can also manage the end user experience and contact options here. 

For more information on becoming a Publisher, contact us here.

Upcoming Features

While they are a core component of our platform, Demo Labs are just the beginning for Qloudable. As of the writing of this article, more features and services are coming soon -- all built for the purpose of simplifying and accelerating the cloud journey. 

Keep checking in on our website, follow us on social media, or subscribe to email updates to  stay tuned to new features and updates!

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