A Training Lab landing page provides all of the core details of the lab, as well as the “Purchase” button to enroll in the lab.

Below is a breakdown of what you’ll find on a Training Lab page:

  • Title: The title of the lab.
  • Categories: What categories this lab content falls under.
  • Short Summary: A brief summary of what this lab is about.
  • Price: The price of this lab in credits.
  • Ratings: The overall rating score for this lab (out of 5 stars).
  • Enrolled Users: The number of users who have purchased this lab.
  • Skill Level: The level of difficulty assigned to this lab. The three levels are Beginner, Experienced, and Advanced, and scale from easiest to hardest in that order.
  • Time Duration: The amount of time the lab will be active for.
  • Long Summary: A longer summary of the lab, its components, and what you will learn.
  • Our Partners: Icons and/or logos representing the companies and/or technology involved in the lab.
  • Pre-Requisites: A list of any requirements needed (if any) to take this lab.
  • Lab Curriculum: A breakdown of the subjects this lab will cover from beginning to end.
  • Relevant Documents/Information: Links to related documents or web pages, and screenshots  or videos of the lab experience.
  • Publisher Bio: Profile photo and biography details for the Author of this lab.
  • Ratings & Feedback: A breakdown of the user ratings for this lab, as well as user comments.

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