To take a Training Lab, browse to the lab landing page from wherever the Publisher has hosted it. All of the information about the lab is shown here, like the duration, lab subjects, authors, and more. Once there, you may click “Purchase” and spend credits to purchase that lab for yourself – or, if it is a free lab, it will simply begin.

Once purchased, the lab will deploy and a timer until it is ready will be displayed. Once ready, it will load the lab console, which contains all the instructions and tools needed to complete the lesson(s). You will also receive an email once it is active.

Follow along with the lab instructions until you have accomplished all the required tasks. You will only have a certain amount of time to complete the lab, after which your access ends. Upon completion, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback and rate your experience.

After you’ve completed the lab, it will be logged as “Completed” in your personal Qloudable account. Many Publishers offer access to the lab content (e.g. instructions, course material) for some time after the lab itself is completed.

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