We've included this function to make organising tables/groups/teams and event admissions quick and easy!

The first step is to switch on tables/groups/teams on step 3 of creating your event.

An example of where you would use this function is when you're hosting a gala dinner that requires table seating. The purchaser can purchase a bundle of 1, 2, 5 or 10 tickets. Then they submit their table by entering the names and phone numbers (or emails) of each of their friends (giftees). Upon a successful transaction, SMS’s (or emails) will be sent to all the giftees with a magic link for them to confirm their details (e.g. email and dietary requirements).

Upon the giftee confirming their details, the ticket will automatically "gift" (send) from the purchaser’s account to the giftee's account. The giftee will receive a confirmation email and the buyer will receive a SMS and push notification letting them know that the gift was successful.

Your guest list export inside your admin panel will contain the names of all table/group/team members and will automatically update to include the additional details you have wanted to collect (e.g. email and dietary requirements) as the tickets are gifted so by the end of ticket sales, you will have a complete guest list with all names, information and table allocations. This means a much smoother checkout process for all your guests (yay!).

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