In order to start selling tickets, you need to add an event first! 

Go to and create an account or login. You can then click "Events" and "Take me to Version 1" to access your ticketing admin page. Simply click "+ Add Event" or "Add new event".

1. Basic Information

Now you should be on the "Adding Event" screen. Start with uploading an event photo (you can remove or add more photos later). Fill in the rest of the details, the more the better! Fields with the *asterisk must be filled out before you can proceed to the next page. After you have completed filling out this page, click "Save and Continue". 

2. Your Tickets

Enter the date, time, duration and timezone of your event. You can add another date by clicking on "Once" and selecting "Multiple Days" from the drop down box, then click the blue "+ Add Date" button and fill in the fields. To remove the second date, change "Multiple Days" to "Once".

Creating Tickets
In the "Create Tickets" section, enter the maximum number amount of tickets you would like to sell for your event. The event will stop selling tickets once you have reached that amount. You can choose to absorb the fees or to pass fees onto buyer in "Fee Charges". "Absorb the fees" means all transaction and commission fees will be deducted from your revenue and "Pass fees onto buyer" means that the transaction fees and commissions will be included in the ticket price. 

Fill in the Ticket Type, Price and Quantity fields, if you need to add more ticket types, click "ADD TICKETS". Under Actions there is a settings and delete button. The settings button will show additional options where you can add a ticket description, control the release dates and add bundle packs. 

Ticket Bundle Packs
A bundle pack lets you sell tickets based on discounts you wish to offer to your attendees. For example, each ticket costs $10, and you're offering $10 off per 5 tickets sold (which is $8 per ticket). Click the "Add a Bundle Pack" button and enter $40 in "Bundle price" and 5 in "Tickets per bundle" (refer to the image below). You can add more bundle packs by clicking "Add a Bundle Pack" and delete them by pressing the "x" button. For more information on bundle packs click here.

Activate Point of Sale
Tick this box if you would like to provide the option of paying at the door. Find out what this means here.

Promo Codes
Fill in "Promo code", "Discount Value" (in dollars) and "Code Quantity" (to limit number times code can be used). To create a new code press "Add Promo Code" and click the trash icon to delete. Make sure the "Apply promo code" box is ticked for the event to accept codes. You can turn this function off at any time by un-ticking this box. To save and proceed to the next page click "Next".

3. Add-ons

On this page you can collect user information in the "Ask Questions" section and activate "Tabling, Groups and Teams". 

Ask Questions
Tick the boxes of information you would like your attendees to provide. Select "Activate Custom Questions" to get other information not already listed from the given options. You can set each question as "Mandatory" and include "Multiple Choice" answers by ticking their corresponding boxes. If you selected multiple choice, click "+ Add Option" to add more answers. Click the trash icon or "x" button to delete questions or options.

Tabling, Groups and Teams
Tick the box to activate this feature. You can learn more about how it works here.

4. Your Team

You can set the staff of your event on this page. Entering their names under "Mobile Scanner Staff" will activate ticket scanners on your staffs' Qnect mobile apps. Find out how this works here

5. Confirm

This page shows you a quick preview of how your event will look like on the mobile app. If you're happy with this click "Save" and now your event is live!

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