Go to "My Ticket Wallet" in the side menu or in the "Me" page.

Press the purple "Gift" button in the top right hand corner of the event card. Select which ticket you want to gift by checking the box on the right, then press "Next".

Press the " + " to select your friends from the list. To change the recipient, just press the " + " and select the right person.

You can also send the ticket via SMS by selecting "Type a phone number" and filling in the Name and Phone Number. Once you press "OK" the SMS will send straight away and the transfer will be processed once your friend confirms the ticket (see Confirming the transfer below). 

If you are gifting the ticket to a friend on Qnect, press "SEND" and you will receive an instant push notification to your phone and on the app in your notifications list confirming the transfer.


Login to and go to "My tickets" by clicking on your profile picture on the top right hand corner.

This will take you to "My Ticket Wallet" and will show you a list of all the events you hold tickets to. To select the ticket you wish to transfer, press "Gift" on the relevant event. 

Check the box under "Choose" to select the ticket/s you wish to gift, then press "Set Destinations".

To send tickets directly to a friend on Qnect, click the box and select your friend from the drop down box list, then press "Confirm and Gift".

To gift tickets via Email or SMS, click on the "Via Email" or "Via Phone" button first and fill out the name and email or phone number of the person you wish to gift the ticket to, then press "Confirm and Gift" (see Confirming the transfer on how to confirm the tickets).


An SMS or email will be sent out the person who is receiving the ticket, with a link to confirm the tickets depending on which method you chose (as shown below).

Press on the link in the SMS or "Confirm Transfer" button in the email which will open the Qnect event website which looks more or less like this:

Under "Claim Your Ticket Below", press "Checkout with Facebook" or "Checkout with Email", fill in the questions then proceed to the next page. When the ticket/s are successfully claimed they will see this page:

You can check the status of your ticket on in "My Ticket Wallet" by clicking "VIEW" next to "Qty". If the status is still "Gifting" this means that the transfer has not yet been confirmed and you can re-gift (re-send) the ticket again by following the above steps on mobile or desktop.

Once you've done all this, read this article on where to find your tickets!

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